Halfeet, the easiest way to chat, meet and date people in your local area

Another free app that allows you to meet, chat and date with people in your local area, Halfeet describes itself as better than We Chat or Kakao and focuses on meeting friends in your neighbourhood, within walking distance or just up the road from you. It uses specific information that is local to your area and the information provided is specific to your zip code or postal code. The app’s slogan is to chat, meet and date with people nearby.

You will not need to give out your phone number or any email address, so your privacy is being respected in that way. You will however, still be able to see which of your friends are online. But Halfeet is not a dating site engine and claims to be more of a site that helps local people get in touch with each other and discuss local events.


Events that are going on in your local community could be the bridge class, the yoga meeting, chess nights, open microphone music evenings and rambling walks in the countryside. The idea certainly is one that is social and emphasising social interaction, but we would guess if you did find a date out of the app, then there’s no harm done there!

On Halfeet you can actually begin chatting away to locals straight away. Once you log in you will see a list of those who are online and their distance away from you. You can also view the profiles of those who are online and decide if you want to have a chat or engage in some kind of contact with that person.

You can even narrow down the people you are looking for in your community by hobbies or their age. You may want to talk to people who are aged between 25 and 40 only who are into watching movies and going to the cinema. Halfeet will then display just those persons who meet those criteria. But do be careful not to refine your search too deeply as it’s unlikely you’ll find anyone to chat to.

Halfeet also give the chattering users an opportunity to throw in some cool emoticons while they are chatting away, or play a game of Doodle with a total stranger if necessary. If you amend your profile so that it is fully filled out with your birthday and other key information, you may find people in your local neighbourhood wishing you a happy day and may even suggest a party or drink at you local, of course.

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Title: Halfeet

Price: Free

Category: Social Networking

Developer: yuying xiao

Halfeet – Chat, Meet,Date with people nearby for free app !  Free app totally to be chat with local people and neighbor friends better than line,kakao and wechat ! New free meet friend app between friends nearby ! - yuying xiao