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Hapimomi Family Calendar is a way to organize and plan events with your family. Ideally suited for large families with children you can sort, plan and arrange private appointments with every family member. In the Hapimomi Family Calendar you will share one family address book, one phone book, a private calendar that all members of the family can view and other handy items like a shopping list, a diary and a to-do list.

Let’s say you have a roster for the family members as to who will do the washing up. The to-do list will alert that family member that it is their turn to do the dishes or time for them to sweep the kitchen floor. It is pretty much like having a social network just for the family. The Hapimomi Family Calendar has a family wall that all members can view and any member can update.


Use it to remind everyone that the dinner will be ready in approximately 20 minutes. Each family member will get a notification (on the family wall) that they should prepare to wash their hands and get seated at the dinner table in 20 minutes. Young Johnny may well be upstairs playing video games, and Jane may be chatting away to her friends on her phone in her bedroom. Dad may be sat outside reading a book after having just mowed the lawn. So rather than wander all over the family home and telling each member that dinner will be ready in 20 minutes, you simply alert them by placing a notification status on the Hapimomi Family Calendar wall.

Hapimomi Family Calendar is a free, all-in-one app that will keep your family running like clockwork and with a relaxed peace of mind. Getting up in the mornings can be a hectic time for all family members as some need the bathroom to get ready for school, while other family members need to start preparing for work. The Hapimomi Family Calendar can help to schedule bathroom slots and all family members can participate on the app.

You can also use the app to create events like when young Donna has to visit the dentist. She will be alerted at a set time to warn her to prepare her trip to the dentist. If Dad is going to be late home from work as the boss wants him to do an extra hour, he can simply update the family wall to let the other family member all know.

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