Roll-Up a wonderful little doodle – Review

Roll-Up is a free game app that you will find to be strangely addictive. You will be messing around with flippers (which are actually tree branches) with the goal being to achieve the highest possible score. But your journey to get that high score will be met by a number of challenges along the way. You will no doubt encounter many beautiful little creatures like Groutsch, Badar, Uglor, and Flator.

There will also be several more pitfalls along the way as you strive to reach that highest score total. Some of the skills you will encounter (to avoid the pitfalls) are mega jumps and bumpers. Roll-Up is basically a form of pinball style game that is exhilarating, addictive, and simple to play.

Roll-Up can be played easily by children as young as six upwards and even adults will find you’ll have trouble putting this game down. The graphics are truly good and very highly defined. Also, there is soon to be a new update where you will see new barriers introduced just to make the game more of a challenge. Roll-Up, as we said, is essentially pinball and if you know how to flip the flippers (which are tree branches, remember) then you will succeed with Roll-Up.


Roll-Up is pinball with a nice theme to it. The themes are expected to be updated soon (in Version 1.4) and there is likely to be much more choice as how you want the backdrop of your pinball game to look.

Your score is permanently displayed on the top of your screen so you can keep tabs on how high your score is doing without taking your eyes off the flippers, and it’s not just pin balls that will be flying down at you; don’t forget those crazy, beautiful little critters Groutsch, Badar, Uglor, and Flator!

Roll-Up is developed by Schwab Christian for Krokus Games and there is plenty of email support available on the Krokus Games website. Pinball has always been a favourite game to play on the iPad, and we think this game is best played on the tablet rather than your iPhone (although it will happily run on either device). Roll Up is definitely a game for pinball fans that like a bit of challenge. As your score begins to progress, so do some of the challenges; so roll up, roll up for a game of Roll-Up.

iPhoneGlance Rating of Roll-Up is [rating=4]

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Title: Roll-Up

Price: Free

Category: Games

Developer: Schwab Christian

Roll-Up - Schwab Christian