Learning how to read is an audio & visual blast w/ Sight Words

California based Sprite Labs today announces the release of Sight Words for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Set to become the premiere reading education app for young children, Sight Words expertly blends voice recognition technology, an intuitive kid-friendly interface, proven educational techniques and gaming elements into a fun, new way to learn to read.

Fremont, California – Sprite Labs, a burgeoning lifestyle applications company, is excited today to announce the launch of Sight Words onto Apple’s App Store. Created for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, Sight Words is the first education app to use Speech Recognition Technology to help kids learn to read and pronounce important English words. Leveraging Nuance Software, the app listens to words read aloud and then provides constructive feedback via Miko the Monkey, a cute companion to help guide kids through the app. Designed from the ground up to be an immersive and intuitive learning experience, Sight Words showcases the Dolch Word List of “must know” words, arranged by grade level for kids in preschool up to third grade. Delightful puzzles, fun animations, and a new dimension of interaction makes Sight Words as entertaining as it is effective. Sight Words is currently available for download on Apple’s App Store for $1.99 in the Education category.

Beautifully designed by talented artists, Sight Words strives to be a great experience for both parents and children. Other apps on the iOS platforms have used the touch and visual modes of interactions extensively, but there is a gap in leveraging speech as an element of interactivity that these devices provide to children, who are learning to talk and pronounce words not just reading them in their heads. The app provides a self paced environment that kids can use to navigate, learn and correct themselves with the speech detection capabilities, without needing parental guidance. Getting started is as easy as selecting one of six grade levels and then letting Miko the Monkey guide the rest of the experience. A seamless ‘intelligent flashcard’ system walks kids through exercises word by word, allowing for progression to be as fast or slow as desired. Behind the scenes is industry leading technology developed by Nuance Software, found in high-tech appliances and business apps on the App Store. Sight Words will display a word on the screen which kids attempt to read aloud. The speech recognition software identifies correct or incorrect pronunciations immediately and provides feedback through Miko. An automatic flagging system gives parents a way to identify which words might need further attention, ensuring that no word goes left unread!

Sight Words comes with two reading modes – Teaching Mode and Practice Mode. In Teaching Mode, the word to be read will be spoken aloud by the app before it is presented on the screen. This gives readers extra help as they are first learning the words. In Practice Mode the word is not spoken aloud, offering kids the challenge of reading the word completely based on sight, hence the app’s name – Sight Words! The Dolch Word List contains 220 “service words” plus 95 nouns that often can not be “sounded out” phonetically. That list, combined with speech recognition software, helps Sight Words provide young readers with an unparalleled learning experience. Available today!

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Check out Sight Words in action Here