Kinito Music Puzzle – Review

Kinito Music Puzzle is a great app for music lovers. Picture the scenario, a concert is about to start and the musicians have left. You will need to step in and organise some new musicians for the concert. Is this a challenge you can take on, and help the conductor to have a splendid orchestra.

The app consist of 40 master pieces of classical music, we are talking Beethoven, Verdi and Mozart just to name a few. The objective of Kinito Music Puzzle is to get the notes, (which are the cubes) into the right position to play the song. Careful though because you only have 3 chances to complete the song. If you dont put the notes in the wrong position then you will see the conductor snaps is baton in anger. Tapping and holding a cube will play the music sample for that cube. Once you have an idea of where the note should be, just simply tap and drag it over the cube you want to replace and then tap the conductor to play the music. With each level you complete a new musician will be unlocked, you will also score points. A nice feature is, once you complete the music you will see who the composer was. This is a great way to learn more about classical music.


Kinito Music Puzzle is an absoloutely challenging game. You will have no hints or clues as to what notes should be place a what position. A knowledge of classical music is s0mewhat essential, you will simply find it difficult to progress through the levels if you don’t. The app is also fun and with a large collection of classical music you will find you soon will be relaxing. It’s quite easy to play once  you get the hang of it. I find it was much better to use my headphones will I was playing.

Kinito Music Puzzle is free to download. It’s supported by ads that pops up every now and again, but I can assure you they re not annoying.

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Title: Kinito Music Puzzle

Price: Free

Category: Games

Developer: Delirium Studios S.L

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