Gaming on the iPad

With new developments in technology, the world of gaming has become much easier and more convenient. Tablet devices, such as Apple’s iPad, have made it possible to have similar functions to a larger computer in a much smaller and easily portable device. Online gaming once enjoyed solely on desktops or laptops is now being played on the iPad. With this new technology has come the need for online casino sites to expand their casino gaming to provide versions that can play optimally on the iPad. Projections show that in just over two years, the number of casino wagers placed on devices like the iPad will soar close to £48 billion.

When playing casino games, most casinos have apps that can be downloaded from Apple’s App Store. However, not all gaming must occur through a special app. The iPad does come equipped with a browser known as Safari. You can try games such as betchan casino and see for yourself how it works. Many casino games can be accessed through this manner. Typically, browsers will rely on a plug-in known as Adobe Flash for the games to operate. However, this particular plug-in is not supported by any of Apple’s devices including the iPad. As a result, online casinos have had to come up with another method for their games to work within the Safari Browser.

HTML5 is the technology being used to access games on the Safari browser. Players do not have to do a thing as the browser can detect they are using an iPad are automatically redirect them to the appropriate version. For instance, if trying to access a game made for the iPad such as online roulette, the user would simply bring up the online casino site. Automatically it detects the user has an iPad so it redirects. iPad can access many different casino games as the specific types being optimized for the device are increasing greatly