Capdase MacBook Pro 13″ mKeeper in Grey Keep your Mac safe and in prefect condition

If you want the perfect solution for carrying around your MacBook then the Capdase MacBook Pro 13” is the perfect case offering protection, safety and preventing your Mac from damage. The fabric is made from a high quality suit material and the inside has memory foam layers that will fit snugly around your Mac thanks to its soft interior mould.

The Capdase really is the perfect protector for carrying around your MacBook Pro 13” computer. The soft interior moulds to the same shape of your computer, helping to prevent scratches and any movement that will cause shock damage. The MacBook Pro 13” is a sensitive computer piece of equipment and no notebook likes to be thrown around, dropped or scratched.

You will have paid good money for your MacBook Pro 13” so it makes sense to offer it the best protection possible. It can be used to carry your MacBook when transporting it on long journeys or just when taking it down to the local internet café or library.


The Capdase MacBook Pro 13” mKeeper also has two grab handles which are pleasantly comfortable and not too long so that they might allow the case and MacBook to swing about. The case also has pockets where there is plenty of room to store your charging cable and any small documents or discs you may need to carry around alongside your MacBook.

In fact the Capdase MacBook Pro 13” case will fit any laptops or net books up to 13.3 inches but the case only comes in the colour of grey. But then again one does not want to draw attention to your case or what might be inside it, so the grey suit material this case uses was just fine with us.

So what are the key points of what we liked about the Capdase MacBook Pro 13” case in grey? The case offers full protection from scratches, damage and shock to your MacBook Pro, it will also fit snugly and handle any notebook providing it does not exceed 13.3” and its comfortable grab handles make it nice and easy to transport.

Its thick suit fabric makes it look stylish and offers your MacBook full protection and it even has an internal zip protection system that prevents its zip from becoming damaged. This case has been specifically made for the MacBook Pro 13-inch.