City of Splendors: Review

City of Splendors has been well received by its many fans and the developers have rewarded everyone a way to download this app for free, regardless of whether you have an iOS device or an Android one. So it must be time to play this adventure game and see how many newcomers the game will bring in, now that it is free to all, and on every platform.

So what is City of Splendors; well it is a brilliantly developed 3D cross platform multi-player event. There are players from the iOS community and the Android community, so the City of Splendors online community is bound to be absolutely huge!

Taking its sources from dozens of fantasy realms, the game takes players through a wartime campaign, in a world of forgotten myths, mysteries and legends. Evil forces have come to life once again to roam around the face of Troon, you must fight your way through wave after wave of monsters to reach your goal.


Your task is to strive as hard as you can to get through an artistically rendered world of fantasy. The 3D high quality interface is superbly employed here and you will notice this from the very moment you enter the game, to the point where you become absolutely absorbed into it.

City of Splendors takes you across some dizzying heights and terrifying abysses. If you are scared of great heights then you may want to look away from time to time, but that act could lose you your concentration.

You will create alliances with other online players and wage war on your foes in realistic battle formations and structure your army to defeat any common enemy. Once you get the taste of City of Splendors you will find yourself coming back for more and more, it really is a highly addictive piece of game play.

Your quest of City of Splendors does tend to go on a bit and you will have to have a measure of patience. In one stage of the game you may be forced to test your mettle in the Gold Mine for a chance for join in on some head to head battles, compete intellectually with the Union Quiz and the Union Competition. Much of the work you will achieve on City of Splendors is done so with fantastic 3D graphics, and all the work and fun can be played on Android devices as well!

iPhoneGlance Rating of City of Splendors is [rating=4]

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Title: City of Splendors

Price: Free

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Developer: thinknice

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