Make money from your iPhone Pictures with Clashot – Video Review

Clashot is the perfect app for those who love to take photographs and make some money at the same time. Clashot allows you to take beautiful photos of everything that surrounds you and you can easily and comfortably create photo reports which you will then go on to sell. Once you have published the photos into the app you might find, depending on the resolution and quality of your image, that you could make a few extra dollars.

So let’s have a look at how it all works. Firstly, you need to find a scene that would make a fantastic photograph perhaps a morning meadow with the sun shining through the trees or a babbling brook with a small stream running down through a meadow. You know the sort of thing; an image that would just look great enough for someone to want to buy it.


Once you have taken your images, simply send it forward to Once they have arrived on the site other users will be able to judge how creative your image is by commenting or rating on it. You can send just one image at a time, or you can send several, just make sure they are good, well taken images with a lot of creativity.

Of course, you can also comment on others and rate their photos as this is a great way to meet new friends and chat about the photos between you and the Clashot community. You will be sharing your unique vision with the rest of the world through the eyes of your photos. It could be that you are a professional photographer and work with high resolution and good optics. Simply upload your photos to your smartphone library and then onto

Clashot is a way where you can find buyers for your photos. If your photos get to the photo bank, they could be seen by internet portals, newspapers and magazines from all over the world. They will then be able to buy your photos and you will get commission for each purchase and cashing out is really simple too.

There are several features available on the Clashot app including, combined theme-based reports from separate frames, these are made from your built-in camera or uploaded straight from your library. What we liked about Clashot is you will see your detailed profile with current balance displayed and cashing out is really simple.

iPhoneGlance Rating of Clashot is [rating=4]

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