iShopStop – grocery shopping: Review

Wherever you are in the world iShopStop is a handy little app for anyone that has to go and do a bit of shopping. We all need to visit the grocers, supermarkets, stores and bakers at least once a week, and more often than not, many more times than that. iShopStop is a smart grocery shopping app for people on the go all the time.

The app is a handy tool for the regular shopper and it can learn from the items you have regularly purchased in the past. If, for example you tend to always buy peanut butter and salad cream, you will notice these items will begin to show up on your shopping list layout as default items. But you are more than likely to see the items like milk, bread, toilet roll and tea bags come up on your list as these are most people’s regular daily items.


When you go shopping, you may want to keep things simple and straightforward and not mess about in the aisles of the supermarket checking up on things like bar codes, product codes, price per 100g, price per kg, and working out how much cheaper it would be to buy the bigger tin etc. etc. Micromanaging our shopping is time consuming and can take some of the fun out of shopping. It also becomes more than just a bit of hard work when you are shopping with young children. All you really want to get done is your shopping, and you really want it done quickly. You do not want to forget any items in the process of your shop, so iShopStop is a one-stop solution to this problem of micromanaging your weekly (or daily) shopping trip.

You can have everything written down for you and sent to you by email from Mac and PC and importing to the app is very easy by using the copy and paste function. A really cool feature we think. You can reorder regular items at will as iShopStop remembers the things you buy regularly. You can track the items you already have in your basket and see a list of things you still need to get. The app also lists items you may need in another shop, so stuff like a pair of shoes, a party dress or a screwdriver can be set apart from the food list.

iShopStop is a simple and easy to use app and you can even create templates for frequently used applications when you shop.

iPhoneGlance Rating of iShopStop is [rating=4]

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Title: iShopStop

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