5 Things to do With your Old Phone

Smartphones like iPhones and android phones seem to raining in the tech market. It is astonishing to see that most of the brands are coming up with new versions to match the recently launched rivals in the market. If you are a gadget freaky and if you love to upgrade the models, then for sure you would be confused for what to do with your old mobile phone. Here are few ideas that make you feel happy for doing something worthwhile too.

1. Donate the Phone

If you think that your old phone still works and is in good shape, then you can donate the phone. There are many organizations that collect used phones and use them for various purposes. There are organizations that give these phones to the soldiers for free of charge. Also, a few organizations take some metals out of the phones and sell them and save the money for good causes or to help the needy.

2. Pass it on to Others

You can also pass your used phone that is in the perfect condition to your family members or friends. But, remember that only if you have discarded the phone to go for the next version, and the used phone is still in good condition, then only you will be appreciated for this generous act. Else, a battered phone is going to strain the relationship. For instance, an iPhone 4S for your teenage kids is going to make them love your more. An old phone that performs well can be a good choice for elders and senior citizens. However, to be careful not to offer them the network or plan they do not prefer or which they do not need. It may add up to their monthly costs.

3. Sell your Old Phones

There are trade in programs that are profitable for you. You can exchange the old phones for gift certificates, vouchers, to buy new products or to meet the bills. Verizon and AT&T are the popular Trade in options, and the old phone is assessed for value immediately, and you can get the vouchers or gifts in 3 weeks at the maximum. You can also ask them to settle the bills instead. You can also see that Apple offers gift card for old phones, and these cards can be used at Amazon, eBay, Apple stores and many other online retailers.

4. Turn it into a Web Cam

A web cam is a very cool device to own. If you have an old phone and it has a good camera feature, then the web cam is the most coolest thing you can make out of it. You can also download the necessary apps online for this purpose. You can also convert it into various other gadgets for your home like a remote control for the set top box, and even a Wi-Fi device for the car. There are free apps online available for these purposes.

5. Opt for Recycling

There are more than one ways which the user can work on for offsetting with an old Smartphone’s. If the device is functional then surely it can be still used by someone or repurposed, but in case the device is not working then recycling would be the best option for which the user can move ahead with it. There are some organizations such as Pacebutler which have taken steps to recycle old used cell phones. As per Pacebutler reviews, it is at the forefront of the cell phone recycling industry in America which purchases your used cell phone and recycles it. You can sell your cell phone online easily and help in conserving the environment.