Get the authentic Word writing & editing experience on iOS with iDocs!

Cairo based Beleela today announces the release of iDocs for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. iDocs enables tech savvy iOS users to edit, organize, and access Microsoft Word documents right on their device without ever sacrificing formatting or the look & feel of the real thing. The app allows users to access and manage almost any other file type regardless of whether they’re their stored locally or remotely as well.

Cairo, Egypt – Beleela, the innovative mobile solutions development branch of EIPC, is excited today to announce the launch of iDocs onto the App Store. Compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, this unique file creation, organization, sharing, and editing utility gives users the power to open and edit every type of Windows Word document on the go without losing all important formatting, or sacrificing the use of Word’s intuitive text editing features. A fully featured file download and management platform as well, the app enables users to manage, view, save, and share any type of file – even those normally incompatible with iOS – all via a single centralized hub. iDocs is currently available for download on the App Store for $5.99 in the Paid Productivity category.

The most authentic Microsoft Office Word experience on iOS and much more, iDocs brings users the power to open, create, save, edit, and share Word documents on their mobile device the way these iconic text docs were meant to be utilized. The app supports .docx and classic .doc formats, and every Word document you make, save, and edit retains its original formatting regardless of being opened, closed, imported, or exported as well. iDocs features every one of Word’s flexible text and font formatting options, staying true to the iconic text creation programs’ look and feel. Text alignment functions, as well as spacing and color options are offered as well.

iDocs isn’t a simple document editing solution. In addition to its editing toolbox the app includes iOS’ native spell-check and dictionary features to help users when editing or drafting new texts, and the app itself doubles as a fully stocked file management platform. The app enables users to annotate PDFs and convert any document to PDF format with the click of a button as well. With iDocs users are also free to manage and view images, videos, music, PDFs, MS Office documents and other file formats. Not to be outdone, the app boasts file Zip and Unzip functionalities, a multi-file downloading program, and cloud storage options to ensure that users never run out of space to store and share the files the need and want.

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