One-Tap Contacts Lite – Review

One Tap Contacts Lite is an all in one contacts manager that includes all your Google address book with back up and clean up from duplication. So, in other words, this app will take your Google address book and synchronize it neatly into your One Tap Contacts Lite book, then any duplications it finds, by matching a name or phone number, it will then eliminate the duplicate entry and tidy up your book so that every contact has the one entry with email, phone, mobile and website address.

One Tap Contacts Lite really is a smart address book management tool with powerful and dynamic capabilities in your address book, contacts list, groups, favourite lists, sharing, calling and text messaging. It even has its own dial pad.


In the app you can easily create, edit and delete contacts, import contacts from your G-Mail or vCard, Excel spreadsheet or QR code. In your personal profile homepage you can easily create your own avatar, company name, title, phone number, email address and any other personal effects you may want as your business card.

But the main feature is the one-click to call facility where you can send messages or emails and display addresses on a map or visit someone’s personal web page; all done with one click, or tap as it is. You can also send SMS text messages to a large group of people, again all with one click. This is a very handy feature if you want to send a text message to all your staff members at once.

You can easily search through all your contacts by listing the name, company name or title, or search email addresses all with just one click. If you want to share your contacts with others, this again can be achieved with just the one click. But we liked the ability to be able to create and scan colleagues or new contacts using the QR code feature. One Tap Contacts Lite also has a birthday and anniversary reminder, so you’ll never forget to buy the wife those flowers the day before that all important date.

The lite version on this app does have some limitations but overall being a free app it does give you enough features to be going on with for now. The smart groups’ management feature allows you to do so much with your groups or circles, including the ability to edit, remove, create and basically play around with it as much as you want to suit your requirements.

iPhoneGlance Rating One-Tap Contacts Lite is [rating=4]

App Details

Title: One-Tap Contacts Lite

Price: Free

Category: Utilities

Developer: Rebirth Apps

One-Tap Contacts Lite - All-In-One Contacts Manager includes Google Contacts Sync, Backup and Cleanup Duplication - Rebirth Apps