Rescue Aliens – Review

Rescue Aliens promises to be a change from the normal humdrum of gaming apps that seem to appear on the market time and time again. This is fresh and new gameplay that will feel different to the kind of smash ‘em up sort of gaming apps that are ten a penny these days. Your task is to help the goofy aliens escape from earth by solving puzzles to let your aliens escape the clutches of the evil humans that have snared them.

This is one kind of fun-sized extra-terrestrial jail break that you are bound to enjoy. You can go all around the world on a tour helping your alien friends escape their captors. You will be tasked with helping your alien friends escape by solving a number of puzzles which will require you to use your logic and a number of your gaming skills. Your aim is to get those UFOs back into space with the alien friends on board.


You will have some friends along the way that will help you try and break the aliens free from their prison, and they will have a number of unique powers that you should use if you can. You will have to be lightning quick with your accuracy and jolly good at solving a number of mobile puzzles. You can also set off a chain reaction with your alien sympathisers to help all of the aliens escape wherever they are in the world.

Indeed there are more than 120 uniquely challenging scenarios that all have a puzzle for you to unlock. There are a total of six aliens, each of which has different abilities, and it will be down to you to find out which ones can block, spin, drop, jump, bounce or roll their way to freedom.

Rescue Aliens also takes you across some of the world’s most exotic locations including China, India, United Kingdom, USA, France and Brazil and very soon Australia, Japan, Egypt, Thailand, Turkey and Russia will be added to the mix. Each challenge system that you will encounter will take you to either one of three different levels of difficulty.  Every country you play through will have new interactive elements unveiled. You can buy Mega Ships which will double up as free level passes and you’ll find this game is universally compatible to play on any of your iOS devices. Rescue Aliens has some vibrant animations and will keep you highly active in this absorbing gameplay breakout feat.

iPhoneGlance Rating of Rescue Aliens is [rating=4]

App Details

Title: Rescue Aliens

Price: Free

Category: Games

Developer: Zoope Pty Ltd

Rescue Aliens - Zoope Pty Ltd