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Transforming all your data into clear presentable charts and graphs has always been a solid, business-like method to present figures and important information to customers and business clients alike. A graph is a brilliant way to share data and share your insight with others. If you are an analyst, technical boffin or just a computer geek, transforming data into graphs and flow charts is certainly going to be right up your street.

iGraph it is a way of managing your money of things like expenditure. If you keep all your accounts in one spread sheet and want to see how much you spend over the course of one year, a graph will show which parts of the year spending is at its most. You could transform the data into iGraph It and allow it to show you spending and production costs over the last 10 years, if you choose.


iGraph It turns your data into a proactive visual presentation that will make clients and customers alike really engage in your data. Your business meetings will suddenly become much more of an exciting prospect as you display the figures of readership for your latest blog throughout every day in November, show sales of a certain book over the course of the last five or display the varying temperature in the last 12 months in your home town and compare it against the data which shows the average.

Whatever you want from iGraph It you can have; it will take just a few seconds to turn your graph into a pie chart, a bar chart or one with just lines for those more business-driven data figures. What iGraph It can give you is an idea to keep an perfect control and a diligent sight on whatever you want.

iGraph it can also help you to take advantage of the many possibilities where you can create presentations that suit you and make them circulate easily thanks to its sharing tools. Yes, even after you have created your pie chart showing which beers and ciders have sold best in your local pub, you can send the sales figures out to all the branch managers using a number of tools for sharing.

You can even transfer your data and its accompanying line charts onto your Facebook business page, or link to it via Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+. iGraph it is a business tool compatible with the iPad only.

iPhoneGlance Rating of iGraph it is [rating=4]

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