Using Your Tablet or E-Reader at College

Technology advances always make it easer for college students. Computers made typing papers much easier than working on typewriters.  Laptops made the whole process even easier because you could take them with you to take notes in class or work in the library. Tablets are now making it even easier for college students to access their information for class and take notes from anywhere. Depending on the brand and capabilities, tablets can cost anywhere from under $100 for a basic e-reader to $800 for versions of the iPad. However, most students can find an affordable version of a tablet that offers many benefits beyond having entertainment at their fingertips.

Online Access and Applications

Although you should always be wary of information found on the Internet, it does provide valuable information for college students. Tablets, as long as you are connected to the internet via WiFi or a data plan, offer the entire Internet at your fingertips, and in a more accessible form than trying to browse on a smartphone. As long as you only use reputable sources, you can find the information you need during late night cram sessions. There are also helpful apps you can purchase that can serve as useful study aids. Again, you should always be sure that you can trust the information provided in these apps. However, as long as it is a good source, you can find ways to help you study for those difficult tests.

Save on Textbooks

One major benefit of having a tablet or e-reader at college is cheap textbooks. Textbooks can cost up to almost $1200 per year. However, many universities are now offering free digital versions of textbooks available via an e-reader. Although this is a new venture, many more sites are offering the digital versions of textbooks at a discount versus buying the physical version. However, one thing to note about using an e-reader or tablet is that some digital versions of a textbook do not allow you to make notes or highlight relevant information. You want to also make sure you purchase a tablet or e-reader that has the capacity for the e-textbooks.

Connect with Class Online

Many universities offer online communities for classes. Blackboard and other programs offer syllabi, study questions, assignments, grades and more in a single online space. With a tablet or e-reader, you can connect to these applications easily. Although you can do the same with a laptop, tablets are lighter and easier to carry with you. You can check on your grades, participate in discussions, or do the latest assignment regardless of where you are. Additionally, many universities utilize the cloud for synchronized experiences in the classroom. With a tablet, you can hook into these services regardless of your current location and save your work, to continue later from another device if needed. A tablet is easier to carry around with you, allowing access from more places so you can your work from anywhere, even if you have forgotten and need to finish an assignment at the last minute.