The Ultimate Accessory Pack for iPad Mini

If you have an iPad Mini this little accessory pack offers lots of small wonderful tools together in one pack, all for under £20 ($30). Firstly this will make the ultimate accessory gift pack for that birthday or Christmas present for an iPad Mini owner. The black leather style case is very sleek and is bound to compliment your iPad Mini perfectly. The soft microfiber inside will keep your screen safe and free from damage once the case is closed.

The inside of the leather style case also has a neat feature in its interior, by way of three small embedded magnets to wake your iPad Mini up when you open the case. The accessory pack also includes three screen protectors that will ensure your iPad Mini gets the full treatment to its body.


The accessory pack’s screen protectors offer not only screen protection but preventative measure against damage to the whole body. There will be no need to clean your iPad Mini after every use. Screen protectors also guard against things like fingerprint marks and dirty hand damage. With touch screens now becoming part of our daily lives in technology it’s more important than ever to keep your screen from dirt, grease and finger marks. Often a screen can become damaged and worn over time from the constant use of dirty, prodding fingers being swiped across the screen. So the screen protectors help to allay that.

Also included in your Ultimate Accessory Pack for iPad Mini in Black is a stylus that can be used for accurate on screen activity and interaction. You can use your iPad screen using the stylus instead of your finger and can be sure of complete accuracy when using it. This is very handy for people who like to play games on the iPad Mini as accuracy is important, as is keeping your screen from damage through wear and tear.

So the key features of what we liked when using the Ultimate Accessory Pack for iPad Mini in Black were the black leather style case which offered our iPad Mini full protection even when closed. The three screen protectors that offered full body protection and another small but handy accessory was the desk top stand that comes in with this pack. This allows you to prop up your iPad Mini so you can view stuff like films and video with much more comfort. You can pick up a lot of different iPad accessories over at