Go Crazy with iPhone app CrazyTalk – Video Review

The CrazyTalk iPhone app lets you pack in a load of animation magic by allowing you to shake, slide or touch your device and see things you’ll never have seen before. By sliding your fingers over specific facial features you can generate different expressions, you can also tilt your device to see the curious ways your characters start to react. Then try shaking your wrist while holding your device and watch the characters pop and sway.

One of the smartest features was to use the lip-synching function. You can record your own voice and by using the speech volume you can adjust just how animated your character becomes. The louder you use the volume the more intense your character animates.

Some of the characters have their own unique personalities and expressions. Some will have idle motions, other more animated but you can pick and choose which character you want to use for your Crazy Talk. The app is highly entertaining and can be used to generate instant singing videos (with your singing voice animated onto the character), animated commentary and any other crazy talking scene you decide to set.


CrazyTalk is also a great social media contact tool. If someone is having a birthday, wedding, or engagement party you can animate a best wishes greeting using your voice on the character. Once you are done you can also post your greeting onto Facebook or place a short link in Twitter. You will be all the talk of your friends after they see your whacky birthday greeting you performed and generated for your best friend.

CrazyTalk features a brilliant one-fingered control that works on intuition. You can naturally and easily use just your thumb to swipe and slide different expressions for your character. Make sure you utilize the logically designed layout to accurately control the different facial expressions of smile, frown, cry or laugh.

CrazyTalk also uses the best way of utilizing motion sensors which will give you ultimate control. You can tilt your character in a number of different directions to accurately control all the different functions. You can even drag two of your fingers over the eyes of your character to effectively send it to sleep.

The automatic animation that comes from your own voice has to be the most dynamic feature of CrazyTalk and hearing your own words coming from a cartoon character is pretty cool and definitely CrazyTalk.

iPhoneGlance Rating of CrazyTalk [rating=4]

App Details

Title: CrazyTalk

Price: Free

Category: Photo & Video

Developer: Reallusion Inc