Animation Desk for iPad – Review

It does not take much to be an animator; well, that is if you have this neat little app. Animation Desk for iPad is an app that allows you to create hand-sketched animations on your iPad. The drawing interface that you will find on this smart little app resembles a real working environment of a professional animator. Being an animator involves completing each frame of an animation on a specially-designed desk – the animation desk.

Animation Desk for iPad is very intuitive and allows you into a drawing environment that is easy, friendly and generally quite simple to use. If you want to enjoy the simplicity and beauty of traditional animations, then you’ll have come to the right app in Animation Desk for iPad. The stage has been set, the actors are ready to play and the band is ready to strike up. Let’s see if your animation skills are ready to dance the dance.


All you need do is to sketch on the iPad screen using your fingers and then turn the drawings into animations in just a matter of a few steps. Once you are well and truly versed in this animations sketch, you can become the creator of your own fantasy comic book. Upon completion you can share your concept and animations on Facebook or upload your end product onto YouTube. You can even add audio effects to really bring your animations to life.

You can even transfer animations between your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Animation Desk for iPad has received several accolades including being ranked within the top 100 iPad entertainment apps in 86 separate app stores. It was also voted the best entertainment app in the annual show at App Store Rewind 2011 Exhibition. The app has also received several rave reviews, many of which cite how creative using the app makes you become.

The main features of the app include friendly and good looking user interface. A realistic setting for creating animation, four sets of frame rates supported and you can share your masterpiece work of animation to any of the big social media networks including Facebook, Youku and YouTube.

You can also send your animated work in an email as an attachment. There are foreground layers and middle ground layers supported when you are developing your animated piece of wonder. If you like animations and sketching the Animation Desk for iPad is just the app to bring out your creative streak.

iPhoneGlance Rating of Animation Desk is [rating=4]

App Details

Title: Animation Desk for iPad

Price: $4.99

Category: Entertainment

Developer: Kdan Mobile Software