Go Guguti! Go! Free – Review

In this fun-filled gaming app you will play as Guguti, a cute but large creature that needs to lose weight. Your task is to help Guguti lose weight so in some ways this clever concept is somewhat educational too. Guguti has just visited his cardiologist who has informed him that he is terribly overweight and needs to lose weight. The cardio doctor gives Guguti a stark warning that unless he loses weight he risks getting all sorts of heart and health-related diseases.

As you would imagine there will be a number of scenarios that you will have to go through in order to help Guguti lose some of those excess pounds, and many of those will include running and other types of Cardio-vascular exercise. As well as running and indulging in other cardiovascular sports like rowing, cycling, skiing, walking and swimming, Guguti must also keep himself on a healthy diet where fatty foods that are high in calories will not help him lose weight.


You may start to see the educational idea already in this fun app as you will learn what you may have to do your self, if one day you have to watch the calories and shift the extra inches around your waistline. You’ll notice how when you schedule plenty of exercise for Guguti but ignore his dietary restrictions you weight will start to come off but at an alarming slow rate. Now combine exercise with healthy low-fat diets and watch the pounds really start to come away.

It really is all about getting the right amount of exercise and eating the right foods. You will learn as the app develops and Guguti begins to lose his weight. You may even know which foods work best for weight loss and how often to eat them. You’ll learn how often you will have to work out each week to get Guguti to shift those unsightly love handles around the waistline.

You can smash junk food and snacks with high calories and low fat burn right through several levels. Eventually you’ll be able to overcome your limits in “Endless” mode in this funny game that has many simple-to-use controls. There are a wide variety of achievements to aim for and even discover four different places in Brazil. Go Guguti! Go has a health screen, motivation screen and one to gauge how much power is being used.

The whole concept of the game is great because it encourages healthy living, but the graphics need a lot of work and there is a slight glitch within the app when you try to collect items. Other than that it’s worth a download because it is free.

iPhoneGlance Rating of Go Guguti! Go! Free is [rating=3]

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Title: Go Guguti! Go! Free

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Developer: Gustavo Barros