EmoCiao iPhone App Review

So I’ve come across an interesting app call EmoCiao and what it does is allow a user to take a picture of themselves, cut out just the face part and then paste it on this wobbling looking character. You then customise your character with outfits which includes, pants, coats, shoes and different hats. So you’ve got your character ready, now it’s time to select a scenario and write a phrase. Set the character on the path and once they reach a certain point, they will exclaim the selected phrase, you give them a tap and send them off into a strange scenario. You can then share your creation via email, social network or save it in a movie format. EmoCiao is a fun app, well design, consists of some vibrant colours and a huge catalog of outfits.


EmoCiao has 3 categories to get the fun rolling, Push off: “Push off the person that actually peeved you off i.e. a colleague, a friend, your boss or anyone”, Thanks: “Thank someone that’s really helped you out. Also, congratulate your family or friends!” and Love: “Show your love to someone i.e. a friend, family member or your partner (even your dog :))”. You do get a fantastic experience with EmoCiao, but for me I don’t think I will have a constant use for the app. Others might think different, it’s is a great app.

The list of features:

* Stunning animations and sounds to enable you to release your inner feelings
* Choose anyone to star in a wacky, hilarious scenario
* Fully customisable clothing, scenes, wacky walks
* Personalise your message to express your vibe
* Be amazed at the edge of the seat finales
* Sit back and enjoy the exciting and exhilarating journey that you have created
* Share your stimulating adventure on Facebook, Twitter or email
* Satisfaction guaranteed
* Constant updates with new features
* … and much more
* And of course, it’s free to play!

There really isn’t much to say about EmoCiao apart from it is a fun app, with some great animations. One thing you might be able to use EmoCiao for is greetings to someone. For instance to tell them you are grateful for something they have done. I would like to think EmoCiao is a twist on emotion icons. EmoCiao does offer in-app purchases but this can get costly really quick. The free version does offer a lot.

iPhoneGlance Rating of EmoCiao [rating=4]

App Details

Title: EmoCiao

Price: Free (in-app purchase)

Category: Games

Developer: Tahto Inc