Get your kids learning Arabic with Appy Animals – Review

Appy Animals is designed for children between the ages of 2 to 4 in mind, where the parents are keen to get them to learn Arabic. This app is interactive and educational and will help teach toddlers to speak the language of Arabic. Learning a new language is best done at an early age, children will easily pick up new words and yet they will know which language it indicates. Appy Animals is an app that your child will love because it is filled with fun animals that will keep your little ones amused while learning how to speak a new language at the same time.

Each animal that appears on the app has its own English name, and its own Arabic name. There are educational phonetic spellings that will help your child pronounce the words in the correct way and should prove to be heaps of fun for the children as they start to develop relationships and familiarity with the animals. The animals are all depicted within their natural environment; for example, you will see a cow in the field, a bear in the woods and a tiger in the jungle. Straight away your child starts to learn the Arabic language and also begins to understand that tigers live in the jungle and cows dwell on the fields. So there are some natural wildlife educational lessons being applied here too.


New animals are being added all the time to the app, so be sure to regularly check for updates. Your children can interact with the animals by swiping, tapping or pinching the screen of the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad and change the size and shape of the animals before their very eyes. You will find original nursery rhymes performed in both Arabic and English and the music that accompanies the app is from the Bollywood director Ram Sam Path.

Within the app there is a very interesting game that is sure to keep your children amused – it’s called Talking Heads and is an object and shape matching game that allows children to drag and drop the faces of an animal into its body. Everything about this app looks sharp and bright and that’s because it uses optimized retina graphics and images of happy smiling animals. All in all this is a great way for children to learn Arabic and the earlier they can use this app, the faster they will pick up the language.

iPhoneGlance Rating of Appy Animals is [rating=4]

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Title: Appy Animals

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