Talking Rabbit Toddler ABC Song – Review

Talking Rabbit is an educational app that will prove to be your little one’s best friend. She will not only teach your youngster how to count but also how to learn about which foods are healthy for us to eat and all the parts of the human body. She will also guide toddlers through the ABCs but it’s not all teach, learn and digest because Talking Rabbit also likes to have fun too. Having fun will keep the younger children actively interested in using the app, as you would know that all work and no play will quickly see their attention span begin to wander.

One of the funniest things Talking Rabbit does is to repeat the words you say to her in a funny, squeaky voice. There surely can be no better sight than seeing and hearing your young child burst into laughter when Talking Rabbit repeats the words back to your child in a funny way. There is no doubt that the Talking Rabbit app is bound to be your nursery school child’s favourite toy.


As the app will show in time, the child will slowly start to learn all about the human body. Your child will be not be directly aware of it at the time but the Talking Rabbit very cleverly teaches your toddler the parts of the body like the arms, hands, feet, legs, head and toes. By tapping the Talking Rabbit in different locations on the screen you will be educated as to which parts are what on the human body. All the results are fed back in a gentle, clear and educational tone. When a small finger on your child touches the Talking Rabbit’s feet you’ll see it jump up in the air as if it had just been tickled. This action is sure to raise a laugh from your child and merge a little fun in with the educational tones.

If the press the lips on the Talking Rabbit, it will produce a warm smile and if you touch the heart of the rabbit you will hear her say how much she likes your child. All in all you will find the Talking Rabbit Toddler ABC Song educational, funny, promoting good health and teaching a child about counting and ABCs.

It’s an app that will get toddlers excited while learning at the same time and help them to understand more about the human body too.

iPhoneGlance Rating of Talking Rabbit is [rating=4]

App Details

Title: Talking Rabbit Toddler ABC Song

Price: $0.99

Category: Education

Developer: Cloudburst Games