Wireless Bluetooth Controller for Apple and Android Devices – Review

Firstly, let’s look at why you would need to buy a wireless Bluetooth controller that works on both Apple and Android devices. It certainly is a must for gamers as it beautifully enhances the game play experience with its funky analogue sticks and various buttons and connects to your phone easily via the Bluetooth system. The controller will hold your iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or smartphone very comfortably so you can get on with playing your favourite game without any use for cables, wires or leads.

There are a number of different buttons on the controller that allow you play different games on your Apple or Android device; buttons that direct your player in different directions, action buttons and even a button for changing modes or selection within the game you are playing. The controller also features an analogue stick; this will give you the ability to easily move about your game play screen with fluency and speed.


But its best feature has to be that it will work with just about any iOS device and Android devices too. This allows you to check out all those games you want to play on the iTunes store or the Google Play arena, depending on what device you have. The wireless controller is specifically designed to pair your smartphone using Bluetooth. Amazingly the Bluetooth range stretches to 8 metres, so you do not have to have the controller and the phone together. The telescopic holder really does hold any phone or device easily and gives it a kind of feel that are playing a PlayStation 3 device or similar. The holder can also comfortably hold your phone well above the controller allowing your device and controller to be in one place.

We found the wireless Bluetooth controller ideal for that gaming experience because the panel is not overloaded with loads of buttons and things to press. The “home” key sits squarely in the centre of the control panel and to the left you have an up, down, left or right pointer (essential in all games) and also a pair of analogue sticks which tend to be favoured by the old school gamers.

So really there is something to suit everyone on this wireless controller; whether you are a gamer that likes to play in the old-style way or use the cross-pointer director and also an Apple product device owner or an Android phone user, this controller just about serves everyone’s purpose providing you like playing games.

The wireless controller currently retails at £29.95 and from lovecases.co.uk. You can get more more Galaxy S4 accessories from lovecases.