Art of Darkness – Review

Have you ever wondered what the colour of fear is and the shape of evil and darkness? Art of Darkness is when a genius runs past that thin line to madness and insanity with an ambition that will ultimately match the devil himself. It is when admiration moulds into obsession and love twists the fabric of time, this is where you will discover the Art of Darkness.

If you have ever read the Art of Darkness trilogy, then this is certainly for you. The storyline goes with young Anna Bishop as she follows her destiny and you are the only one that can help her to overcome a mystery of the missing notorious artist Alexander Crowley. His rise to fame has been shrouded in mystery and his sudden disappearance is even more baffling to Anna, and it’s up to you to lend a hand in helping to find the missing artist without slipping into the realm of madness yourself.


This app encompasses the first chapter of the trilogy where you will rediscover lost works of art and former lovers of Mr Crowley. It is a haunting mystery with many twists, turns and bends that will prompt down an alley into the sublime, strangeness and charm of darkness. It’s chilling and haunting all at the same time and you will be undoubtedly captivated by the realms of weirdness, art and well written novels. There are many entertaining diversions along the way that will both captivate and haunt you.

The Art of Darkness is one of those great stories that will leave you breathlessly waiting for the next chapter. You will need to bend and twist your mind to play some of the diabolical puzzles needed to unlock to reach the next level, and sharpen your instincts firmly as there are a number of well hidden objects in the game that do need to be discovered if you are to advance.

Art of Darkness has a rather Gothic feel to it where you can immerse yourself deep into enchanted and mysterious paintings and other works of art. For some players, the ambience is so dark they will have trouble sleeping, so may end up simply playing more. Art of Darkness has a number of updates being released that should improve the gaming experience and add small hints as you walk through and search for Mr Crowley. It’s a mild horror adventure with some added ambience that will enjoy playing, especially if you have read the trilogy.

iPhoneGlance Rating of Art of Darkness is [rating=4]

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