GlassCamera iPhone Review

As of yesterday there are almost 15,000 photography and editing apps on the AppStore. So how does a photography app find its way to be discovered by the masses? They make a simple to use, efficient and different app to garner the attention of the picture taking generation.

Tech BLA Solutions has just introduced their new photography app called GlassCamera, and even though it still has a couple of features pending, it works wonderfully. GlassCamera has two modes, Normal or Glass, and inside each mode you can choose either Still or Video. The choices continue, because within each mode you have a wide variety of lenses and effects, allowing the user to play with their masterpieces.


GlassCamera doesn’t have the ability to access your photo gallery so you can’t use their effects to edit already take photographs or videos. (I think the distortion slider would be a blast to use on old family pictures.) Possibly this feature might be added in the future. The most unique and cool feature of Glass Camera is the ability to see what you are doing to your image and then move from lens to lens to see which one you like best, before you take the final picture or video. In the age of the “Selfie” this will garner the most attention from the user. And in either mode playing with the distortion slider button is an absolute hoot, allowing only your imagination to limit your pictures or video creations.

There is a Facebook and Twitter share feature pending and it should come through on the next version update. So you should have time to master the filters before you begin posting your photographs and videos onto the social media scene. But, I doubt even a true novice of photography apps would have any issues in learning the best features of this app, But, just in case, if you truly are a neophyte to the world of photography apps, there is a very easy to follow instructions page built into GlassCamera. Remember, if you don’t like the picture or video just click the button to go “back” and it will reset the app to start all over again. It’s just a fun app to play with, gives GlassCamera [rating=4], and we can’t wait to see what the new features bring to the app.

App Details

Title: GlassCamera

Price: $0.99 – £0.69

Category: Photo & Video

Developer: Tech BLA Solutions Pvt ltd