3D Arcade Fun Gets Flicking Wild with Perfect Hit! for iOS & Android!

Moscow based Five Star Games today announces the release of Perfect Hit! for the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android devices. Perfect Hit! is an innovative, real 3D “aim & flick” extravaganza where accuracy and efficiency are the name of the game! Featuring 200 levels, dozens of special interactive elements, diverse level structures, unlockable achievements, and more, Perfect Hit! is now available for $0.99 for a limited time only.

Moscow, Russia – Five Star Games, an emerging mobile application and games developer, is excited today to announce the launch of Perfect Hit! onto the App Store and Google Play. Universally compatible across iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android devices, this wildly dynamic 3D “aim & flick” romp challenges gamers to bust objects – set up in various clever formations – from tabletops using as little balls as they can level after level! Accuracy and hand eye coordination are key in Perfect Hit!, and with hundreds of levels to play through, dozens of unique ball types to use, diverse interactive elements thrown into the mix to keep changing up gameplay, and a cuddly Panda sidekick to share in all the fun with, this is one game that’s guaranteed to stay as fresh as it addicting flick after flick! In celebration of Perfect Hit!’s launch the game is available for download on the App Store and Google Play for just $0.99 for a limited time only in the Games category.

Every level in Perfect Hit! presents players with a fresh new challenge. The game setup is eloquently simple as a whole, a lot like bowling in theory but with an added dimension or two, and exploding balls, and dynamite among other things. The less balls players use to beat each level the higher their score ends up being, and with an engaging “3 Pineapple” scoring system gamers are motivated to not just beat every level, but completely demolish it! With two hundred levels spread across five wildly different in-game worlds that translates to hours and hours of intense gameplay. Combined with dozens of unlockable achievements for gamers to strive towards it’s easy to see exactly how vast and immersive Perfect Hit! is as a mobile gaming experience.

Boasting a powerful 3D physics engine and eye-popping graphics, Perfect Hit! takes advantage of what’s under the hood to throw players endless physics driven twists from balls that split in mid-flight to splintering fruits and more! Offering full Retina display support and optimized for play on iPhone 5, this game – and its wacky Panda mascot – is geared to show mobile gaming lovers a whole new world of aim & flick fun that they can jump into whenever they’ve got a moment of downtime. Don’t wait to start bagging up your pineapple point! Put your aiming skills to the test and crumble your tabletop competition one shot at a time with Perfect Hit! To note, Perfect Hit! is not available as an Android title in China.

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