Ludo PlaySpace is better than ever & now available on Google Play too!

Spain based Playspace today announces the recent update of Ludo PlaySpace for Facebook and iOS in tandem with the release of the social board game app onto Google Play! Better than ever before and now available on Android, Ludo PlaySpace give lovers of this iconic board game – known as Parcheesi in the U.S. – the power to play on the go with friends and strangers alike. All players need is a Facebook account, an iOS or Android smart device, and a healthy dose of fun-loving spirit!

Palma de Mallorca, Spain – PlaySpace, a leading developer and publisher of social games geared towards the Spanish and Portuguese speaking world, is excited to announce the continued growth and enhancement of Ludo PlaySpace with updates to the social game portal unveiled on Facebook and the App Store. Recently launched onto Google Play as well, Ludo PlaySpace – the wildly popular Facebook integrated digital update of this iconic board game – is better than ever with improved gameplay mechanics, smoother overall operation, and more players than ever before to compete against! True to its promise of live turn based social fun, unlockable achievements, and friendly engagement, Ludo PlaySpace is geared to give millions of tech savvy gamers a chance to roll the dice with friends and strangers alike, and discover the new gold standard in mobile social gaming along the way! Ludo PlaySpace is currently available for free on the App Store, Google Play, and Facebook.

The game of Ludo – better known as Parcheesi in the English speaking world – may be over a thousand years old, but Ludo PlaySpace is anything but antiquated. Digitizing the experience this eloquently simple social game opens the fun up to anyone with access to Facebook, and an Apple or Android smart device! Simple yet utterly addictive, Ludo takes seconds to pick up and play. The rules are simple, after signing in via Facebook players simply jump into a game with up to three other live players! Racing their tokens around the Ludo board one roll at a time, every gamers’ goal is to get all of their tokens to the finish line first without running into opponents or landing on opponent’s home columns along the way – mistakes that will send players’ token back to their yard (the starting line).

Complete with a sophisticated player ranking and point system, Ludo PlaySpace rewards gamers for playing. Wins translate to coins and money in the bank which players can trade in for power-ups in the Shop, while competitive gamers can compete for domination via rank leaderboards amongst friends or the whole Ludo PlaySpace community too. Players are free to issue challenges free as well. Patently focused on social gaming and offering an authentic Ludo gaming experience upgraded for the 21st century, Ludo PlaySpace is primed to bring this timeless classic to a new generation of board game lovers and casual mobile gamers alike.

Playspace is the leading developer and operator of evergreen leisure online games for the Spanish and Portuguese speaking world. The company has successfully introduced games such as Ludo, Bingo, Luno, The Goose, Restaurant Slots and Domino and has already millions of users worldwide. Our games are available in Facebook, Tuenti, IOS and Android. ©  2013. All Rights Reserved.


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