Busterball Fun and Addictive – Video Review

BusterBall is a fun and whacky game that couples a brilliant soundtrack with some outstanding graphics and is just the type of game you would enjoy if you love Angry Birds. Buster has a big mouth and you can teach him a lesson by shooting balls straight into his mouth.

You can turn up the volume and simply laugh like a drain in this fun, whacky game that looks like it may become a classic. Buster however has a diabolic partner that will try and ruin things for you as you play, he will lay down a number of obstacles that will get in your way or challenge you when you are trying to shoot those balls into Buster.


There are several levels and many new worlds to explore and all the while you can enjoy the stunning graphic scenery. Many of the scenes are in 3D which offers new and exciting challenges as you try and navigate your way around the new worlds and landscapes.

There are same amazing real lifelike physics in the game, so you will need to hold on to your seat. Buster will make you laugh out loud with some of his wisecracks and remarks he makes but ultimately the game involve a lot of skill, precision aiming and sheer tolerance from you.

When your balls hit the target right in Buster’s mouth, he explodes sky high and the graphics seem to do a great job here too, particularly as the landscapes are all in 3D. You will have to unlock new levels as you work your way through all the new levels and different worlds. BusterBall is hilarious, challenging and highly addictive using two new characters that could become household names in the future – Buster and Pipes.

New Worlds Coming Soon

In a new update due out shortly there will be two new worlds introduced, Buster’s Hole and Locked Up which could push your boundaries even further as you Buster tries to humiliate you. The game can be used on the multi-player platform where you can earn achievements and climb up through the leader boards.


One issue you may find with BusterBall is that is does not support the intense graphics on iPhone 3GS smartphones. The game is also able to run with Bluetooth applications or straight through the Wi-Fi, assuming you are playing against others around the world. Playing Busterball is a bit like throwing hand grenades and playing dodge ball at the same time; funny, exciting and superb graphic content.

iPhoneGlance Rating of BusterBall [rating=5]