Pinxter The new social-fashion decision app – Video Review

Pinxter is a new fashion decision app, from Pinxter Inc that is ideal for those that need an instant response on how the latest dress or garment looks on them. Have you ever been out shopping and asked your friend how the outfit you are trying on looks on you? We have all done it many times over; you ask a friend that nods her head from side to side and cannot really give you an answer as to whether that dress you are now in is perfect the summer prom, or that jacket a guy wears goes nicely with the blue shirt or not.

Pinxters are an online community that will give you instant feedback on whether your dress sense is a thumb up or a garment that should go straight back on the shelf or closet. You will receive real, live feedback from Pinxters all over the world who will give you an honest opinion in real time.


Imagine you are at the latest department store and you just can’t decide whether to purchase that red top for the date you have planned to go on later that evening, simply upload a picture of that top and let the Pinxter community give you their honest opinion. If the feedback you receive from many tells you to keep your cash in your wallet then it is a good idea to heed their advice. Feedback from a large number of people will always give you real, honest answers to those burning questions.

In Pinxter you can even rate other users’ outfits and gain yourself Pink Diamond Points. This will let you climb the leader board and become a Pinxter celebrity that will be seen by many people all over the world. Pinxter is unique in that you can share all your photos directly onto Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, so you can ask your friends and followers to give you ratings too.


Simply upload a picture of you in that red dress or high heels and ask the Pinxter community to give you feedback. You will be well informed and will have discovered a great method to make that instant decision. The feedback that comes back to you will be unbiased, truthful and honest. You may get the odd one or two in thousands that will say you look odd in that but overall Pinxter is an ideal app for those that can’t get that response so desperately wanted when shopping with boyfriends and husbands.

iPhoneGlance Rating of Pinxter is [rating=4]