All Slots Mobile Casino – Review

Ever since Apple relaxed their rules on casino app, it seems that we cannot get enough of them. Another one to hit the App Store is All Slots Mobile Casino and to attract users to download the app, they are giving you £5. Another incentive is an additional £500 during the first week when you deposit real money. I’m not a huge fan of casino apps because gambling is not my thing but as far as casino apps goes, All Slots Mobile Casino is alright.


There are a total of 33 casino games on offer and with some great features users will not get bored. There are some of the popular games available, Mermaid Millions, Tomb Raiders and Thunderstruck to name a few. With full HD graphics and realistic soundtracks you will probably feel like you’re in a casino in Las Vegas. The All Slots Casino app offers promotions for users but this takes you away from the app once you click the included link. To start playing any of the games you will have to register for an account. You don’t need to deposit any money at this point. But once you enter a game and tap on “spin” then you will be told you have insufficient funds. The app is free to download but that’s as far as free goes.  All Slots Casino can be played on the PC and one account can sign in both the mobile and PC version.

The app offers something for everyone who is into casino apps and the chance for getting a real money payout is another attraction. Care should be taken when depositing real cash in any app and the All Slots Casino is no exception. The app, however, does promise a secure and convenient deposit method. According to the App Store description,” uses the most advanced security systems to protect your personal information”.


All Slots Mobile Casino is a great app, graphically sound and the app consists of the typical casino games. Users do need to keep in mind that it’s a gambling app and care should be taken with your money. It would have be great if one or more of the 33 apps were entirely free to play. All Slots Mobile Casino is a good app for those who are interested or play casino games, having the app on a portable device makes it easier to play on the go.

iPhoneGlance Rating of All Slots Mobile Casino is [rating=3]