Ludo PlaySpace a Board game worth checking out – Review

We have all heard of the classic board game Ludo and this app is a clever update on the game where you play against many players who are listed in your Facebook friends list. To play and challenge against Facebook friends you need to connect first with the social media site and allow the game access by giving it permission to connect. Once you are up and running you can play and challenge any of your Facebook friends after you have sent them an invitation to join.

As you evolve in the game and get better you can unlock a number of achievements and awards that you can share with your Facebook friends. A post will go up on your wall and this will show your friends how you have advanced and which achievements you have mastered. There are special prizes offered for weekly winners and the latest addition to the game features many improvements to the game’s performance.


Ludo is a game that is played either by two, three or four players at a time and you will start with the standard four different coloured counters. When you roll your dice you will need to move one of your counters towards the finish area and your task is to get there before your friends do.

Ludo has been a very popular board game and has been played across the world since the 6th century and never before would the game’s inventors imagined that it would make it to an app you can now play on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. The great thing we liked about this app is that it plays the game that everyone knows and loves. Ludo is very simple to play and anyone that hasn’t played the game before can pick it up very easily.

To enable Ludo Play Space to work in conjunction with your Facebook account you will need to set the app up to connect with your Facebook page. There are times when you may encounter an inability to connect with Facebook but we found there was a simple remedy to rectify this; go to the device settings, disable Facebook section and then reactivate the application’s permissions to allow “Ludo Play Space.”


As you advance in the game you will slowly get better at it but remember this is a game of chance and depending on how the dice rolls will depend on how quickly your counter gets home. Ludo PlaySpace is also available on Google Play.

iPhoneGlance Rating of Ludo PlaySpace is [rating=4]