DinkyPop a super simple ball popping experience – Review

DinkyPop is a simple but super ball popping experience that is both fun and easy to play but also presents a bit of a challenge along the way. Quite simply you’ll be tasked with picking up your balls and dropping them in the right place. However, each ball has its own unique properties, so depending on which one you decide to pick and drop determines which achievement you will end up unlocking.

There are 42 achievements to unlock in total and playing, as we said, is easy. Simply choose a ball you want to pick and wait for a period where you think you can catch the most balls. Next, you will pick your target and tap the screen – your ball will then start to grow. Any other ball that happens to move into the path of your ball will also start growing. Also balls that move in the way of your ball grow too. In time the balls will grow so large that they’ll pop and this is what earns you an achievement.


The idea is to pop as many balls as you can to gain more experience. As we mentioned there are different types of balls will different qualities. The Lightning Balls allow you to fire off a bolt of lightning; you will get up to five lightning strikes, one for each level. Then there are the Flame Balls where your balls are literally on fire and when they come into contact with other balls they continue to move like a wild fire. Each level of balls lets you move them faster as you ascend through the game.

Then there are the Ice Balls; this offers you the opportunity to cool your balls off. In this ball type you will notice the growth rate is much slower than usual. As the go through the higher levels, they will grow slower and slower, this allows you to catch the other balls far more easily.


The Golden Balls are worth much more than the Dragon, Flame, Ice and Lightning Balls. The Golden Balls allow you to double your experience that you will gain every time you move up one level.

The Dragon Balls are the ones you must have. These are literally like monsters where you get all the benefits that the other balls have combined in one. The dynamic nature of the Dragon Balls means these are the prized ones to have.

iPhoneGlance Rating of DinkyPop is [rating=4]