Mana Rush an Addictive Strategy Action Game for iOS – Review

Mana Rush is a game where you are tasked with leading your team into victory. It is an epic battle game where turn based strategy and spelling is heavily involved. It can be rather addictive as it mixes strategy with all in action. There are plenty of role playing elements in Mana Rush too, and you can customize your team with hundreds of different items and several dynamic spells. One of great things about Mana Rush is your ability to freely choose the name of your team, the colours they wear and the overall general appearance. You are giving an opportunity to use your own initiative and it will be your creation and your ideas that you will control.

Once you are done with getting the appearance and look of your team just suited to your own specific desires, you will then need to equip your players with as much armour as possible as you will need to drive back the evil forces that will work against you and your team. There is much of a Gothic feel to Mana Rush that we are sure you will like. Much of the setting takes in place in dungeons, castle hallways, corridors made from old stone, high ceilings, armour hanging up the walls and old-style flames lighting up some of the tunnels.


There are literally hundreds of items you can collect, so you will have to keep an eye on you’re the parts you have collected. There are items like a cloak and various parts of the body such as a head, arms, hands, wrists, shoulders, and torso. There are also some great outdoor scenes which take place in graveyards and church gardens packed with dozens of monsters and other unworldly creatures.

Mana Rush has three unique classes, so depending on how you advance in the game you will be able to select which class or level you will play at. There is plenty of opportunity to get involved in a melee and hand to hand fighting with any of the several eerie monsters that roams around, plus you’ll be able to enjoy offensive and defensive tactics using your magic and utilizing some of the items that you may have collected for your team.


All in all, Mana Rush will allow you to enjoy up to 30 hours or more of game play and there is something smart about the app in that it learns as you play.

iPhoneGlance Rating of Mana Rush is [rating=4]