SpringJack a fun Runner Game worth the download – Review

SpringJack is a game where you can enjoy endless fun running while you try and save the galaxy. The GSS Invincible VII is a space ship that has crashed, but the crew abandoned the craft and forgot to turn off quantum reactor core. This oversight has placed the whole galaxy in jeopardy and your task is clear; you have to help shut down the core before the whole galaxy is affected.

You can use its many elevators to go up or down between floors and you’ll jump over flaming fireballs. You will also lunge your way through holes that are spewing out toxic goo and will need to time your runs through occasional energy leaks. What is fun is when you manage to time it just right because if you don’t you can end up getting hit by an electrical cable that is still live and has been severed after it had crashed. The cable will flail around risking your life and you must try and run at the moment it happens to pointing the other way.


Not only are you running to get through these dangerous obstacles but you must also try and avoid the vermin they call the “Spoccle.” Moreover, when you pass the Spoccle you have to poke them (each and every one of them) to get yourself extra, much-needed points.

Your ultimate task is to save the universe by shutting down the quantum reactor. The game itself is fairly easy to slightly challenging. Mastering it is another matter; at first you will easily get the hang of playing around and running when you can but becoming a real champion at Spring Jack will take time and patience. But with its addictive qualities and your determination to succeed, you will get there in the end.


There are plenty of coins to collect to give you that little bit of an extra lift for your SpringJack. For example, more coins means you will help your Spring Jack stay upright for longer periods, run faster and longer, reach parts of the ship you would have found inaccessible earlier and reach the all important base of the space craft where that quantum reactor is.

You can connect SpringJack with your Facebook account and play against your friends and family members. The game offers high graphics and many rewarding missions with a Game Center Leader Board to see how your score compares with other players.

iPhoneGlance Rating of SpringJack is [rating=4]