Looking for a Charger to get some Extra Juice for your iPhone 5, look no further than the Maxi Charger Bumper

At £44.99 the Maxi Charger Bumper is quite possibly one of the cheapest iPhone battery charger case you will find on the market today. It definitely packs a real punch when it comes to giving your iPhone 5 an extra bit of power and the charger is available in four different colours of red, pink, green or black.

What you get with your Maxi Charger Bumper is 255 extra hours of stand by time, 40 hours of video and ten hours of video playback. It’s an iPhone battery extender that comes in four different shades and certainly gives your phone that extra boost. It also comes with its own micro USB cable to charge up. So if you are off out to one of those three day long festivals or you are out on a party animal weekender and won’t have the time to keep charging up your iPhone, the iPhone Maxi Charger Bumper is the one device that will give you that extra large boost to the power on your iPhone battery.


The Maxi Charger Bumper Case is just perfect for those nights out when you want to record all the action of that great dinner party by taking photos, shooting videos and uploading them all into Facebook or Twitter and still having enough juice at the end of the night to make that phone call for you and your friends when you need to ring the taxi.

All too often we simply don’t have enough power to record all those special moments on our camera, shoot video, send SMS text messages and update our statuses on Facebook and then expect to have any sort of power at the end of the night. The Maxi Charger Bumper Case can achieve all this and still leave you with enough power to send off those small little love texts by SMS to the one you met at the party after you have gone home.


Our iPhones can do so much but using them all the time drains the battery to the point where even a fully charged phone battery won’t be able to last an evening if you are shooting video, sending SMS text messages, talking to friends on the phone and updating your social media status. However, the Maxi Charger Bumper Case can give your iPhone that extra boost so that it will last the duration of the whole night.

The Maxi Charger Bumper sports a Li-polymer battery and includes the “overcharge protection”. Your iPhone battery will be protected for the long run and you won’t need to worry that you might overcharge it. The case hardly add any bulk to the iPhone and it also protects your device from any knocks and drops. You can grab a Maxi Charger Bumper for you iPhone 5 or 5s from Maxicharger.co.uk.