MemoZy take notes easy – Review

MemoZy is a wonderful little app that helps you to remember anything that you may have come up with and record it down on the app. You may well have tried many similar apps to this one but MemoZy will always end up as the most satisfactory app of them all. It has already been rated as number one productivity ranking app in app stores across 12 countries.

MemoZy lets you take notes of anything you may have come up with in your head. You could be a food critic that visits many restaurants and cafes where you may want to take some notes about how good the Black Forest Gateau was, or how awful the tea and coffee were in Molly’s Downtown Café House. Your ideas and notes will be flawlessly organized to the point where nothing will escape you ever again.


MemoZy has one of the best usability and functionality features compared to any task organizer app for iPhone and iPad. It’s easy to place all your tasks and your to-do list in order. It’s easy to clear up and organize your ideas straight away. So, where would one make the best use of this app? MemoZy is useful for when you want to take notes during your meetings at work, jot down some key points following that meeting with your bank manager, solicitor or real estate agent, just taking notes of your grand ideas like when you are going around your new home and working out which jobs you will to do and if you need to remember things like the time of that next appointment, the phone number to contact and the contact person.

It’s a great app for those who just want to clearly summarize their ideas instead of writing them down on the back of a cigarette packet. MemoZy has many key features too, like the ability to move and edit categories in a fun and easy manner, edit your tasks so that you can enable easy grouping and swap around the top listings.


MemoZy also lets you send out notes by email and in the latest version you will be able to see an improvement on just about everything apart the original design. You can simply drag and add groups when moving the priorities around the app and move them to wherever you wish. MemoZy is certainly a very popular app for the organizational types among us. It’s free on the App Store

iPhoneGlance Rating of MemoZy is [rating=4]