Detective’s Voice Recorder – One Touch Fast Secret but Professional Recorder: Review

Have you ever fancied being a super sleuth that goes around and records what others have said to you? Just like in the detective shows, the Detective’s Voice Recorder is a new and smart device that can record any conversation with the touch of just one button. This means you can covertly record any conversation you may have had with that hot date you tried to chat up, your other half’s promises, your tutor’s or lecturer’s important quotations and any thing that may have been said to you by someone of any significance.

Moreover, the Detective’s Voice Recorder will actually record conversations and snippets of what the other person has said, while your screen remains completely black and has an appearance it is switched off and in stand by mode. This means you don’t have to conceal your device inside your pocket meaning you wouldn’t get a clear recording when playing back, but you can leave your device on the dinner table, interview room or just held in your hand while you speak with that special someone. All the while they will have no idea your phone, iPad or iPod Touch is actually recording word for word everything they are saying.


It’s great for that detective work, or just playing back conversations you may have had with that potential employer. You can always go over the conversation and see where you can improve when you try and land that special job. Record any conversation you have with a solicitor, bank manager, estate agent or priest. If you missed any vital parts of the conversation or did not take down any long winded notes, simply play back the Detective’s Voice Recorder and listen to every word that was spoken during that important conversation.

You can even switch to another recording mode with just one swipe or use the app as an easy or professional mode. The app only picks up any valid sounds, so you won’t have to listen to background noises like distant traffic or white noise as it will only record any true sound.


You can also adjust the volume setting at which you actually record, so it can filter any low level sounds that may be unwanted. Furthermore, the Detective’s Voice Recorder lets you record the actual location of where the conversation was recorded. That’s very handy if you are going around town on a pub crawl and want to record the individual conversations you have had at various night spots.

iPhoneGlance Rating of Detective’s Voice Recorder is [rating=4]