Fats of Pyori, This little alien loves to be thrown around – Review

At 69p, developer Rosina Tjahaja brings you the Fats of Pyori, a fast-paced slingshot game where you control a funny alien called Pyori, who just happens to be pink! But don’t worry about that, after all he is an alien! But there is a lot to get excited about in the Fats of Pyori because this happens to be one alien who is that little bit extra weird in his ways. The bottom line is that Pyori has abilities, and it’s these abilities that allow him to lose weight, or gain it, all by himself. The Fats of Pyori happens to suddenly take on a name that now means something, and this alien needs only to increase his fat percentage, or decrease it, to become thin, slim and lean or up it to become fat, bulky and overweight.


But the bigger you find Pyori getting and the chubbier his body mass index becomes, the more power he gains. Pyori’s throwing abilities improve dramatically when he carries around that excess weight, and it’s up to you to get Pyori to become a champion thrower.

Being a great thrower is important for Pyori (and ultimately you playing the game) as you will be tasked with throwing “hoonimals” back to their homes. The “hoonimals” are characters that are quite possibly alien too and throwing them back home can be a challenge.

The challenge of throwing is an art form that you will develop over time. It can certainly be hard at first as it involves some concentrating and of course your timing is critical. You will not only need to time your throw just right but you must also avoid those nagging obstacles designed to throw you off course and prevent Pyori from throwing the “hoonimals” back to their homes.

You will ultimately need some luck, a little bit of patience and some practice before you become a champion at Fats of Pyori, but once you get playing and learn how to throw well, you will soon start to see the benefits of constant play. In the latest version there has been the installation of a Game Center where Fats of Pyori players can now place their high scores up on the leader board for all to see.


The graphics have also been much improved and this slingshot and throwing game can now be enjoyed by all of your family and friends, regardless of age.

iPhoneGlance Rating of Fats of Pyori is [rating=4]