Minox – Pet Battle Adventures: Review

This free app game lets you catch, train and go into battle and you will have to show you have what it takes to embark on a number of quests, where you will face the wild Minox, go into battle against the Arena Trainers and all this to become the Master Trainer and have that title under your belt.

Your task is to reach that point where you get to be a Level 100 Minox. To get here you will have to train your pet, help the folk from around the town with small tasks or requests and help out the Secret Agents when they try and thwart the fur traders who regularly hunt and try to kill innocent Minox for their own profit.


Along the way you will meet many Minox, and you will need to capture one yourself, only your intentions will be more honourable than those of the fur traders, as you will want to keep your captured Minox so you can train them as your pet. You will have to treat them well and feed them regularly. If you do so you will win lots of titles and prizes which will see you advance in the PvP arena.

The game starts out with a journey to Minox Island and it’s only when you arrive here that the adventures really start. On Minox Island you will find that there are five towns to explore and many surrounding regions. There are also 100 levels for your pets to train and get themselves up to speed. There are more than 70 NPC quests to complete and never-ending NPC battles with prizes to be won.


What we did like about Minox is that it is entirely free to play but you will have to pay for some of the extra items. Also, you don’t actually need a network connection to play Minox, so it will be ideal for your child to play on the back seat in those long car journeys where network connections so often fade in and out. You will need a connection however for registering and when a new player logs in for the first time, but otherwise the game plays happily without a network connection and all progress is stored on the app, and Minox has a Facebook page so you can interact with other players on there.

iPhoneGlance Rating of Minox is [rating=3]