PicsPlay – Photo Editor A must have Photo App: Review

PicsPlay is another one of those apps that is just perfect for those that want to edit and filter photos and videos so that the joy of taking images and shooting video becomes all the more richer.

The PicsPlay Photo Editor has 200 filters and several editing features that will allow you to express those magical moments in your life. You may be at a wedding, or a romantic holiday or simply taking some photos of autumnal beauty. Use PicsPlay to edit, filter and change the look of those images and make them stand out. In fact any photos you take of your daily life and travelling to all those wonderful places around the world should be able to stand out as something extra when you share these images with friends, family and loved ones.


What we liked about PicsPlay is that is tends to be easier and simpler to use than most other editors. It is always a case of just tapping on your phone and suddenly you will see your image change right before your very eyes. You can review an image and decide whether or not you want to save that image and store it. Once you decided on your finest editorial work, you can share the image via social media. It also works perfectly for all iOS devices as PicsPlay has been specially optimized for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

PicsPlay has also received some accolades as a photo editor and it has been put under the spotlight by Forbes as one of its editors voted it among one of the “Best Photo Apps For iOS And Android Tablets.” Other reviewers have described PicsPlay as “a quick and painless way of photo editing” and we have to agree. There are a number of special features on PicsPlay including the ability to take a photo and then load it, edit all images with full resolution, undo, and reset and redo functions. You can still use your zoom while in editing mode and compare your photo against the original at any time.


The usual functions of cropping, rotating and straightening are all there of course and it can even let you adjust environmental settings so that if you have a scene that is too dark or very bright, you’ll be able to make the necessary adjustments.
PicsPlay has many powerful tools that will suit both beginners and professionals alike. There is a pro version of PicsPlay that offers even more features for $3.99.

iPhoneGlance Rating of PicsPlay is [rating=4]