Stop Motion – Animation Maker Pro: Review

Stop Motion is an app that allows anyone to become a stop motion film maker. But what exactly is stop motion, you may well ask? Stop motion is an animation technique whereby you can create movies using toys, clay figures, or other objects, bringing them to life with the magic of film. Stop motion animation creates the illusion of live action by taking several still photos and slowly moving the subjects between each shot you take.

It’s a bit like the modern day alternative to those notepads that once had a single image on each of the pages but with each drawing slightly different, so that when one flicked through the illusion of motion was formed right before your eyes. In Stop Motion – Animation Maker Pro, the still images are compiled and played consecutively to animate your film. You can animate objects or people and make them appear in a movie that you would have made all by yourself.


You could get many ideas like plaster figurines that you would move ever so slightly each shot you take. The more shots you take, the longer your stop motion film will be, though you may require a little patience when changing the position of your subject between each shot you take.

There is a simple to use interface and a helpful camera guide along with a number of powerful features all rolled into a dynamic app that will make it easy for you to become a film editor and show your friends and family a great finished film production. Your imagination is the key when developing a film in stop motion so you need to think of something romantic, drama-filled, poignant, amusing or shocking. There simply is no end to the ideas you can come up with, but we suggest you start with some model clay figurines that can be moved around, to start with.


All the films you create can be saved on file to watch again whenever you want. Furthermore, if you want to share your finished short movie of stop motion, you can by sending to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or any other social media site. Operation of the stop motion camera is very easy to do and requires no more than a simple tap of the screen to take each shot and capture that frame that will form part of your stop motion film.

iPhoneGlance Rating of Stop motion is [rating=4]