Logo Quiz Ninja Game – Review

Logo Quiz Ninja Game is an action packed, thrilling game play app that comprises of many different types of games. Your task is to help Daijiro the Ninja in the next set of his amazing and fun-filled adventures. Daijiro is attempting to rescue his kidnapped Sensei and make an impression on the love of his life, the incredibly beautiful and mysterious Misaki. He will need to be able to use his knowledge that he (hopefully) gained in the Logo Quiz so he can live up to the expectations of the Sensei.

Logo Ninja is a casual trivia game but not one you would have seen before, that’s because the developers have totally reinvented how casual puzzle games can be so very different. We found the Logo Quiz Ninja Game a little bit awesome, certainly intriguing, and definitely action-packed that it became a little bit of a challenge as you progress through the game. All in all that is a good thing as if you are one of those game play addicts that love a bit of a challenge, then Logo Quiz Ninja Game might just be the app you are looking for.


There certainly is an addictive edge to Logo Quiz Ninja Game as once you have spent hours on end playing this you will be compelled to completing it. If you enjoyed Ninja and his Sensei in the previous Logo Quiz then you will certainly be impressed with this version of the Ninja Game. Logo Ninja is also available on the Android and Windows Phone platforms and is also followed on Twitter and Facebook by using the hash tag #SaveSensei.

There is a very intriguing storyline that will guide through the game and you can easily follow your progress and see what your score is. The story aspect ties in nicely with the quiz and the strategy. Moreover, it is a game that you can play with friends or just on your own if you prefer.

So, do you have just what it takes to help Daijiro the Ninja in the next set of his amazing adventures? Will you be able to help him save his Sensei and impress the mystical, beautiful and stunning Misaki.


Logo Quiz Ninja Game is available to play on the iTunes library for free and if you have the Android or Windows Phone platforms then you can also download it free from the respective stores there.

iPhoneGlance Rating of Logo Quiz Ninja Game is [rating=4]