Sports betting in Canada using iPhone mobile device

If you live in Canada then you are going to have plenty of different ways to place a sports bet online, whilst there are many sites servicing Canadian residents there are a growing number of different ways that you can get your sports bets on, and below we are going to highlight just some of the many different ways to bet at all of our showcased and highly recommended Canadian sports betting sites. There are 100s of iPhone apps you can download in order to place bet, but we are going to help you choose the best app in order to place bets.

Have a look at where you can find an article written by Tim Glocks on list of iPhone betting sites available for residents from Canada.

In Play Betting – One brand new way of being able to place a sports bet was unheard of just a few years ago, and this is the brand new in play betting markets that exist online. When you select one of our rated online betting sites make sure that they offer in play betting markets, for when you do select such a betting site you are going to be able to place a wager once the sporting fixture has started.

So imagine you are sat there watching an Ice Hockey match and your team starts to bang in the goals, you not only will be cheering your side on but thanks to these in play betting markets you are now able to place a wager on any team playing even if they are already well ahead in the game! The odds constantly change on these in play betting markets; however this is also very advantageous if you wish to hedge a bet that has been placed before the match got underway!

Coupon Betting – Many Canadian sports bettors love nothing more than placing wagers on up and coming soccer matches, and whilst you will be able to place a bet on what you think will be the final score of any match, or back on team to win or even bet on which player you think will score the first goal or even how many yellow cards will be given out, there is an additional way on which you could profit from placing soccer related bets.

Some betting sites such as BetFred now offer a range of soccer coupon bets, and one which is proving to be very popular with Canada based sports bettors is their Goals Galore coupon.

On this bet you are tasked wish simply picking several of the named soccer teams, in the hope that each team you have selected scores at least one goal in their next match, and if they all score at least one goal you are going to get an accumulator type payout, checkout BetFred’s website and click on their Goals Galore section of the website for details of this very exciting and potentially very rewarding soccer bet.

Consolation Betting Bonuses – One final type of sports betting wager that will be of interest to everyone who is looking to place a bet soon is the special consolation betting bonuses that quite a number of Canadian sports betting sites are now offering their customers.

Now the idea of any sports bet is of course for you to pick the winning outcome of any up and coming sporting event or sporting fixture, however as is often the case you pick the wrong team or player to win and therefore you wager will be a losing one.

However many sports  betting sites have no put in place a range of daily consolation bets and what these bets offer you is a chance to get all of your stake money return if your bet actually losing whilst at the same time a certain thing occurs in the sporting fixture you are betting one.

One such bet is in regards to horse racing, if you have bet on a horse to win any race, and the betting sites consolation bonus states that if your horse does not win but ends up coming second to one named horse then you get your stake money back! Look out for these types of wagering opportunities as they do offer true value for money.