The true Italian Diet iPhone App Review

The Italian cuisine is known across the world as one of the best and tastiest on the planet. Succulent pastas, pizzas and Bolognese dishes are served in thousands of dedicated Italian restaurants across the world. But what happens when you are trying to lose weight and end up avoiding some Italian dishes to keep your weight down? It means we often have to go without certain delicious recipes and stick to eating salads and food with lower calories.

Now, you may have not been aware but the Italian diet is often rich in vitamins, anti-oxidants, nutrition and other goodness. The basic Mediterranean diet is actually a very healthy on the whole and going on a diet where you can eat only Italian food dishes is actually possible. Around the Italian region and in this part of the world, the healthy diet keeps most people’s weight down and longevity is far more common than in other regions of the world.


Using The True italian Diet app can help you to lose weight by eating healthy, satisfying and scrumptious meals Italian style. It is a safe and scientifically approved method of losing weight and was developed by a team of nutrition experts which were supervised under the guidance of the Italian Society of Food and Science. So straight away it gives the dieter who enjoys Italian food so much, bags of confidence!

You will need to send details of your age, weight, height and lifestyle habits, such as how much daily exercise you get and how long you spend in the gym etc. Once the details have been received by the team it will develop a diet plan which is personalized just for you and will be one that is designed to help you shift two or three pounds every week – and that’s not just water retention weight loss but actual fat content disappearing.

All the while you are on this Mediterranean and Italian diet you are free to enjoy the delicious foods that only your Mama in Rome or Naples could make. There are lasagne recipes, pasta dishes, low far meat bolognese and ravioli treats that make Italian food so popular the world over.


You will be given a handy weekly grocery list of the items you should buy and the app will alert you what you should be having for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can also send your current updated weight to the team so that your weight loss can be tracked and monitored.

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