Draw The Line! iPhone Review

Draw the Line is a puzzle game that builds on free drawing in order to solve the puzzle and win some points! The puzzle game begins by offering you a shape which will have several sides or walls and your task is to draw a line through all the walls in the form of a shape which will (hopefully) solve the puzzle. Each new world you enter will present a fresh and exciting new challenge. You will see such displays as double lines, portals holes. You will have to complete the levels with honour in order to achieve the challenges presented to you by Draw the Line.

There are 120 different hand made levels to get through and this puzzle game actually does give the player a challenge. It certainly is not simple and will make the player work hard to unlock each puzzle. You will be rewarded with trophies when you succeed through certain levels and you can your friends and family members at Draw the Line by playing off on a time trial basis. This is where you and another player must solve the puzzle in the quickest time possible, so fastest finger is always first!


There is a high score board to let you know who is top of the leader boards and also a list of the trophies you could win on the app. Draw the Line does not have wonderful graphics or anything and most of the lines are drawn like chalk on a blackboard. It also offers a time trial system where you can see how fast you solve each puzzle and there are trophies to win in this event too.

We found draw the Line to be one of those games or puzzle challenges that would be ideal to play on long car journeys when you are sat in the back and want something different from doing the usual crossword, Sudoku, backgammon or solitaire.  There is a clear and well presented “how to play” guide that gives you the kind of instructions very clearly and simply. All in all, Draw the Line was simple enough to play but very challenging when you come to completing through all the levels.


If you were one of those kids that used to love drawing on the blackboard at school, you will love Draw the Line as it allows to use free drawing to solve puzzles at the same time.

iPhoneGlance Rating of Draw The Line [rating=4]