The Juggles Review

The Juggles is great app for the kids. They will be able to juggle and customize wonderful and adorable little creatures known as Juggles. It is essentially a game which is packed with lots of action and your aim will be to obtain a high score that will beat your friends and family. The game is action packed and very fast paced, so will need all your concentration and effort to win. It centres on these cute little furry creatures they call the Juggles. Each time you “juggle a Juggle” you earn yourself points. However, there are many obstacles to overcome if you want to achieve the highest score possible.

The more points you gain, the more coins you are rewarded with and you will be able to spend these coins in a shop where you can buy costumes for your Juggle creature. There are many ways in which you can customize and personalize your own Juggle.


Basically, playing the Juggles is very easy and the style of the graphic is very bright, vibrant and artistic, so you will get a great deal of pleasure when customizing your juggle creature. The more costumes you buy the more colourful and dramatic you can customize your cute furry creature. So your task will be to gain as many points as you can because these points turn into coins which will allow you to buy more elaborate costumes.

In all, there are more than 40 costume outfits with hundreds of different variations. So, the choice really is down to you and what you can afford. The more coins you have the more elaborate and colourful the costumes you will be able to buy for your juggle. You can buy a smart black top hat for about 400 coins

The Juggles has an experience and levelling system and you will be able to use traits to give you that all important edge over your friends and family members you play against. You can play against anyone as the app comes with a leader board table and a list of players and the achievements they have gained.


At 99c to download, it’s not too bad as there are no ads and no in-app purchasing to worry about. The app regularly updates with new costume designs and different outfits to use so you don’t end up selecting the same old gear for your juggle.

iPhoneGlance Rating of The Juggles is [rating=4]