Help Jelly fulfil is dream to fly in this fun iOS app Jellyflop – Video Review

Can a jelly fish fly? Well, if you are playing Jellyflop, then the answer is yes! Usually a jelly fish will flop around far better than they can fly. But once a jelly fish sets his mind to something, he will know no limits and go for it. Jelly is a huge guy in a big piece of a jam. But you will find in Jellyflop that you’ll have feathers and gadgets that will help you take off and soar into the skies. Jellyflop is a puzzle game with plenty of action and fun-styled adventure.

The style of game play is great for younger children as you can draw lines with your finger across the screen of your device and then sit back and watch gravity take hold and do its stuff. You will have access to powerful fans that will help you to elevate Jelly deep into the clouds and the skies above. You will have access to space and time-bending portals like a warp drive that will get you from one part of the world to another in a fraction of time it would take normally.


Jelly will bounce and flop and fly all over the place but it’s not all fun and games you must realize. Flying a kite may be a lot of fun and flying Jelly all over the place may seem like a similar level of excitement and recreation, but there are perils that await you here to prevent you from flying and flopping Jelly around the globe.

This world that Jelly flies amongst is filled with perils and predators, there are also a number of spikes that can be lethal to Jelly, so do try and avoid these if you can. Your task is to help Jelly makes his way up into the clouds above and enjoy the fruits of being able to fly just like a bird.

Jelly wants only to fly and you can help him achieve this goal by using the five zones and 100 different levels of high-flying fun. The game is a fun and addictive physics system and you will be able to draw lines anywhere to solve puzzles. You can easily earn achievements and unlock stylish hats and you will meet a number of quirky characters along the way.

Jellyflop is a gaming app developed by Concrete Software and retails at 69p ($1) and is compatible to play on your iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone. With some amazing graphics, vibrant colours and fun gameplay the Jellyflop easily picks up our 5 star rating.

iPhoneGlance Rating of Jellyflop is [rating=5]