There’s a good time to be spied w/ EyeSpy: Hidden Objects Quest on Android!

Malaysia based Rojo SEA today announces the release of EyeSpy: Hidden Objects Quest onto Google Play. A mentally engaging hidden object discovery adventure, EyeSpy: Hidden Objects Quest challenges players young and old alike to pick out specific objects from various randomly grouped sets as quickly and accurately as they can. The game is a fun mobile gaming distraction that doubles as a great learning experience for youngsters!


Malaysia – Rojo SEA, an innovative new mobile application and games developer, is excited today to announce the launch of EyeSpy: Hidden Objects Quest onto Google Play. Compatible with all of the latest Android devices, this casual gaming experience challenges players’ alertness and searching abilities as they race to find specific hidden objects across unique levels with as much accuracy and speed as they can! Crafted in a wildly vibrant cartoon style complete with a cuddly bunny hero, EyeSpy is a perfect daytime distraction for mentally engaging game lovers and doubles as a dynamic visual awareness learning platform for youngsters too! There’s even online enabled multiplayer! Fun for the whole family with enough hidden object searching fun to keep anyone happily occupied time and time again, EyeSpy: Hidden Object Quest is currently available for download for free on Google Play in the Games category.

Inviting players to step behind the reigns of their astute bunny hero, EyeSpy: Hidden Objects Quest offers up accessible hidden object searching fun where every level is like a whole new scavenger hunt! Every level is different, tasking players to find objects from a diverse visual tapestry that fit into very specific categories. One level may have gamers searching out candies, while others may have them scanning for planes, cakes and more! The rules are simple too, players have 60 seconds on each level to find all hidden objects and once time is up it’s game over. The action is spread around four unique worlds that together contain a collection of fifty unique levels. To boot the game boasts social features, enabling players to access Facebook directly through the app to share scores, check out their friends’ scores and level ranks, and even lend – or receive – a helping hand by sharing extra lives!

More than a simple mobile gaming gimmick, EyeSpy: Hidden Objects Quest is a well rounded mobile entertainment experience. Boasting vivid graphics, flexible settings options and intuitive controls that keep the focus squarely on the fun and nothing else, this game is accessible for every level – and age – of player. There are unique in-game bonus items available to keep things fresh and give players a boost too such as a ‘clock’ to add time into level time banks, a ‘magnifying glass’ to instantly uncover hidden items, a ‘broom’ to wipe away negative effects, and a ‘spray’ to distract opponents in multiplayer mode! Indeed, mindful of its family-wide appeal, EyeSpy effectively doubles as a learning solution to help give kids a head start on developing the visual and spatial awareness skills. The ability to pick out relevant shapes and objects out from many possible options is an important fundamental skill and one the EyeSpy helps promote. Regardless of whether it’s used as a fun learning tool for youngsters or as a mentally engaging gaming distraction, EyeSpy: Hidden Objects Quest is primed to amp up object spying entertainment on Android!

Founded in Malaysia in 2011, Rojo SEA was established by forming a joint-venture with Rojo Taiwan to cater for ever growing demand for Facebook, Web and mobile games in South East Asia. Since its formation, the team has also been very focused to make micropayment easy for web and mobile gamers through the introduction of Rockpay and mobile micropayment. Rojo SEA specializes in mobile freemium games, web games, mobile payment and game platform. Combining and harnessing the power of Social, Mobile and Game experiences. © Rojo SEA 2013. All Rights Reserved. Google Play and Android are registered trademarks of Google Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.