Lost Chapters HD – Review

Lost Chapters HD is a story that tells the back story of another classic Crazy Bit game called Lost Island HD. A small team of trekkers and pathfinders have set out on a long journey to a strange and mysterious island in a quest to discover a number of ancient artifacts. They are completely unaware of the dangers that may be set before them. During the quest they will have to search every inch of ground that stands beneath their feet on the mysterious island, because within the grounds there lays certain treasures and ancient artifacts they seek.

Your task is to go and get the treasure that lies beneath the ground but no expedition should ever take place without the proper research and planning that will inevitably help you in your quest. There is cutting edge and state of the art technology available for you to plan your journey and your ultimate search before you set off.


This is where you must upgrade your laboratory so that your mission will be a sure fire success. An upgraded laboratory is crucial to your quest as it will help you have the right technological dynamics to find the treasure and not waste time.

In Lost Chapters HD you can go out and seek new lands and fresh territories. There are monsters that roam around on the mysterious island and locals that live here are constantly battling away at the monsters, which is where you go in and help them out. Helping out the residents and giving them assistance in fighting the monsters will bring its rewards. This happens when the residents repay their gratitude to you by offering key information and valuable insight into where and how you can discover some of the hidden artifacts.


Use their knowledge wisely but to get the invaluable advice from the locals you must help them first by fighting off the monsters that plague their homes and land. Lost Chapters HD also has a Facebook page that you would do well to join if you start playing this app game seriously. On the page you can engage with other players and exchange valuable promotional codes. You can also ask for help and guidance and seek out any burning questions you have in finding the lost artifacts. The Facebook page is also a great place to find new friends that play Lost Chapters HD, just like you!

iPhoneGlance Rating of Lost Chapters HD [rating=4]